Life Transitions Coaching, Counselling and Therapy services

Life can sometimes look bleak and the way ahead is not always clear.

Chances are your fantasy hero is not waiting for you around the corner, your ship is not about to come in and the odds are stacked against you ever winning the lottery.

The truth is - YOU are who you’ve been waiting for, no one else is coming to rescue you, so if you are ready to break the chains that restrict you, climb out of the box that confines you and bury the ghosts that haunt you.

Then it’s time to take back your life and say - I am Too Valuable to just give up or give in, Too Strong to be diminished by the disapproval of others, Too Tenacious to wait on someone else's mercy, and Too Capable and Creative to accept their neglect and abuse as my unavoidable destiny.


can help you do that and so much more.



Certificate IV in Community services

Diploma of Justice and Legal Studies

Diploma of Counselling (Christian)

Industry Diploma of Counselling

Advanced Diploma of Counselling and Family Therapy

Member of the Australian Counsellors Association


Phone: 0438708550


Professional, discrete and confidential services located in Hincinbrook North Queensland

Life Coaching, Personal counselling, Family therapy

Relationship counselling and Sex therapy

Grief and loss counselling

Anxiety and depression counselling

Addiction and abuse counselling

Anger and stress management

Conflict mediation and reconciliation

Trauma and PTSD therapy

Specialising in:

Conception, Birth and Pregnancy trauma and loss

Lactation and mothering counselling

Blended Family Counselling

Counselling and support for families at risk of or experiencing DOCS intervention

Out of home foster carer support and counselling

Bullying abuse and workplace trauma and counselling

End of life counselling and support